‘So many books, so little time’, is common amongst book readers. You know how some books and films are hyped, which prompts you to watch or read them, and then shock on you! It’s the most boring or less interesting thing you have ever read or watched!

Well, freedomfastyarlswood.com feeds you with nothing but the truth about the books and films you shouldn’t miss out on. We recommend books and movies touching on all genres you can ever think of. We analyse films and books in details and provide you with a list of the best to indulge yourself into.

Freedomfastyarlswood.com is thus for people who are not decisive on what to read, lack time to look for their appropriate reads, and anyone else who sees the need for book and film recommendations. Have fun.

Our Team

No one wants to recommend a read or film they haven’t read or watched themselves. By the time book recommendation articles are uploaded in this blog, our great team reads multiple books, and as well watch numerous films, which give them a wide range of possible recommendations to provide you.

They watch films and read books of all genres to ensure that none of you misses out on your kind of jam. They ensure the recommendation of books and films which fit in the flow of events to you better understand. Interesting characters and roles are not an exception.

The list of the book and film recommendation accompanies a brief review of the each. Your hunt for the best to read or watch has thus come to an end.


Ever heard of the word ‘book warmer’? It accompanies many interpretations, and my understanding of it; ‘a person who loves to read’, could never fit the author better. Many of us have libraries in our homes, and all the books do is warm the bookshelf. Well, the author has a full room of books, better yet; a whole library of books.

And did I mention that no book stands at the bookshelf without him having read it all? The author has several degrees, including literature, and Film making. His scapegoat when he needs a break from the books, is watching. Brace yourself, if you think you think you know too many movie characters, brace yourself! You’ve got a challenge.