Here are the demands that have been made by protesting detainees at Yarl’s Wood detention centre (replicated from Detained Voices website).

1. End indefinite detention

A 28 day limit on detention

2. Respect for our right to private and family life

The Home Office should be doing this, as it states in the Human Rights act

3. Respect the rights of refugees and asylum seekers

In line with the European Convention of Human Rights

4. No deportations without due process

An end to people being deported before their cases are decided or appeals are heard

5. Due process before we are imprisoned on immigration matters

6. A fair bail process

And disclosure of all evidence to ensure a fair judgement is reached

7. Adequate, safe and confidential healthcare

Nurses should not be acting as agents of the Home Office 

8. An end to the detention of vulnerable people

Like victims of rape, torture, trafficking, forced labour, the disabled, those with mental health problems, etc.

9. Amnesty for people who have lived in the UK for more than 10 years

10. No detention of people who came to the UK as children

Young adults who came to the country as minors should not be detained, deported or punished for their parents’ immigration histories

11. An end to cheap labour

Paying detainees £1 an hour for their labour is unjust and exploitative

12. Stop charter flights

And the snatching of people from their beds in the middle of the night, herding them like animals