Essay on Sitcoms Against Reality-TV

Years ago, when TV shows are watched, it was fun and easy to watch. Even with the reality show, you have many shows for people of all ages. In my opinion, shows like “real world” and “rules of the road” are the beginning of television reality, even as many comedies become the highlights of television programs. The following is a comparison between Sitcoms and Reality TV.

  • Reality TV:

Reality shows evolve, and the main difference from Sitcoms is the impact they have is not always so good. People are confused that everything that happens on a reality show is 100% true, but it is still not the case. At some time, the reality show used to be very exciting. The thrill would not allow me to write my essay before the next deadline. It has had such a negative impact on our youth today. Juvenile behavior, blather, unsound relationships, and disloyalty. The list does not stop, and the cycle seems endless. This is what the public wants to see. In the case, “actors” appear to be the moneyed, so why not make fun of the TV?

  • The Second Problem Is Taking Time To Write My Essay

Another problem with reality shows is that the participants involved are automatically referred to as “celebrities.” Being famous and becoming a celebrity takes immense work. On TV, someone is not automatically a man. Achieving celebrity status requires many mistakes. Unfortunately, most youths like me know these mistakes.

These reality shows have caused so many problems while writing my assignment. Therefore, I order papers on platforms that will write my research paper while I watch these reality shows. After doing this, there is enough time to enjoy the show while expert writers work on my Essay.

  • Sitcom

Comedy has long contributed to the quality of television. Every day new members and scenes are imagined and incorporated, and various emotions are created to suit each stage. You appeared on shows like “I Love Lucy,” which caused all the laughter, and shows like “Good Times” are full of original emotions and lots of comedies. These programs inspired people for many years and created new comics of the same quality. In the 1980s, Cosby Performance was one of the most popular and unique performances. Each scene attracts many laughs and provides a creative way to present real-life situations on screen simultaneously.

  • Modern Comedy Limits The Time I Need To Write My Essay

Bill Cosby talked about the kind of comedy that can still be enjoyed today compared to the comic we watch in the past. The black community represents a thriving black family and is very inspiring. We can say the same to “Roanne.” This performance is unstoppable in terms of laughter and always shows emotionally first emotions in serious matters. These shows distract me when I want to write my essay at home. Although today’s comedies have the same laugh, this is not the case. Comedy always seems to focus on “primitive” humor and is not always suitable for people of all ages. Although still very popular, most people will choose 80s comedy over today’s comic.


The TV industry is changing. It is essential to maintain a satisfactory quality level to return to your normal state. I have paid attention to today’s influence to inspire new shows, whether realistic or comical. As changes occur and programs continue to evolve, original contributions to maintaining TV quality are discussed every day. Hopefully, over time, we will start watching the fantastic series like “The Cosby Show,” “Roseanne,” and all the old school comedies.