Over 300 pledges and getting ready for IWD!

It is encouraging to see over 300 people have joined so far! At least one for every person currently detained in Yarl’s Wood (according to latest Government statistics).

Together we can show the Home Office that we will not let them get away with their inhumane treatment of migrants. Whether people are on hunger strike or not or hunger striking, we will not be quiet until justice is done.

Here’s a few things you can do tomorrow to help spread the message:

  • If you are fasting share this tweet : I’m fasting on #InternationalWomensDay with hundreds of people across the UK to highlight the demands of people on #HungerStrike at #YarlsWood – Immigration detention is gender and state violence and we will bring it to an end. #HungerForFreedom
  • Attend (or organise) a Yarl’s Wood support vigil – bring pots, pans, print-outs of the strikers demands and candles. Please share pictures on social media using #HungerForFreedom . Here are some links to events we know are happening:

Look out for and share our open letter to the Home Office in support of the demands of people inside Yarl’s Wood (your name will be on it if you agreed to be included when you took the pledge!)

To remind us why we’re doing this, here is a message from Opelo. She was involved in the hunger strike at Yarl’s Wood and was almost deported along with her mother last Saturday (read and share the full article here):

“I would like to thank everyone that has been supporting me and my mother over the last couple of days and all of your beautiful words of love when everything just went from bad to extremely horrendous. It has been quite a turbulent time but we’re still here and fighting.

“My mum and I are working for freedom from these walls to live a normal life and be with our friends again. But I know in my heart that none of us are truly free until we are all free. Detention doesn’t work for anyone.”

Thank you again for your commitment to be part of bringing about justice.

If you are fasting please fast safe and in unity with every person locked up in a detention centre.

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