Why is this important?

On 21/02/18 approx 120 people detained in Yarl’s Wood started a hunger strike protesting the inhumane actions of the Home Office. Read more about why Yarl’s Wood is a ‘place of national concern’ here and here.

One of the strikers said:

“We are refusing food because we are DESPERATE at the treatment we endure by the HOME OFFICE”

Since then, the Home Office has taken punitive action against them for speaking out, even deporting one of them and attempting to deport two more on Saturday 3rd. This second deportation attempt was halted thanks to pressure from the women’s friends, the involvement of two MPs and ultimately the intervention of Caroline Nokes MP, showing that if enough people speak out, the Government’s representatives will need to listen.

Therefore, on the face of this escalating injustice, we call on all people of conscience to join us in a 24 hour fast on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day. We feel it is our responsibility to call the Home Office out, and take action with our bodies too; it is outrageous that 100 years after some women got the vote, elected Governments can still openly enforce these inhumane and racist measures.